Wake & Make Workshop is run by Erin & Benjamin - two creatives who love to make things, learn new fabrication skills, and teach others.


A Brief History

Benjamin and Erin met working at TechShop in Round Rock TX - a community Maker-Space where they taught shop classes and helped members build their dream projects. They specialize in CNC equipment knowledge, CAD/CAM design for manufacturing, Maker Space education, and Custom Fabrication methods. They consider themselves to be lifelong learners and are enthusiastic about sharing skill based knowledge with others.

When TechShop closed down, they knew they needed to continue finding ways to make and share skills. Their focus now is on creating a Blog and YouTube channel centered around DIY tutorials, challenges of working with space and budget limitations, and general advice related to making.

Meet Your Makers



An industrial designer with a focus on custom interior furnishings and workspace solutions. He has a passion for 3D design and has worked on both large and small scale projects including designs for major silicon valley tech companies. In his free time he enjoys drone racing around Austin (and building custom frames) - find him at the flying field or here.

Website: www.benjamin-tovar.com


A full time dabbler. She loves to doodle and make things for fun. Her past work experiences have been diverse including in home care giver, shop keep, and marketing specialist.

She has professional experience as an Education Coordinator for a large scale community maker-space. Her experiences in this role have deepened her passion for skill based education accessible for all and fostered strong connections within Austin’s maker community.

Currently, she works as an Email Marketing Manager for a local startup. After-hours she is passionate about creating, teaching, and sharing with the maker community. Her side hobbies include doodling, woodworking, laser engraving, and reading.

She cares deeply about people, nature, and fostering creativity in all aspects of life.

Follow Erin: @kerrmade